Genuine dermaroller provides fantastic overall skin rejuvenation with little down time and low cost ... More
Dr Johanna Ward - The Skin Clinic - Sevenoaks
Dr Johanna Ward
Visible improvement – my skin looks tighter and smoother; the stretchmarks are smaller. Roll on the next treatment... More
Annabel - Treated by Dr Sach Mohan at Transform
I booked a course of 3 and am completely happy with the results. My skin is tighter and loose skin is almost completely gone More
Kelly, Sutton Coldfield - Treated by Medizen Clinic - Sutton Coldfield
Our patients are seeing great results right from their first treatment with the Genuine Dermaroller. More
Cathy Wallwork, RGN - The Medical Aesthetic Clinic - Winchester
I have treated a number of patients who have been delighted at the noticeable improvement in their skins condition and texture. More
Mrs Anthea Whiteley - Director/Aesthetic practitioner - Harrogate Aesthetics - Harrogate
I have found this to be a superb treatment for anti-ageing giving an improved texture to the skin and a more even skin tone. More
Mrs Jeni Watson - RN, Director - Dermaticians - Cambridge and Harley St
Jeni Watson
I have had a great improvement to my skin, my acne scarring is now non-existent. I am over the moon. More
Nicola C. - Treated by Zenith Cosmetic Clinics - Nottingham
Each column will penetrate into the dermis of the skin and stimulate your own skin to produce collagen... More
Dr Natalie Blakely - Light Touch Clinic - Guildford
Dr Natalie Blakely
My skin feels great, it is now three weeks and I have had comments on how well I look. More
Lucy Frances - treated at the Cosmex Clinic in Cambridge
Delivers what it says it will do for; fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, open pores and general tone & appearance of the skin. More
Lou Sommereux, Independent Aesthetic Nurse, Cosmex Clinic - Cambridge and Harley Street
Patients are delighted with the results, scarring is much improved and skin takes on a plumper fresher look... More
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic - Harley St, London & Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire
Dr Tracy Mountford
I am delighted with the results – the texture of my skin is great and fine lines, particularly around my mouth, are much less noticeable... More
J L - Berkshire - Treated by The Cosmetic Skin Clinic, Harley St, London & Stoke Poges, Bucks
Some great experiences so far with Genuine Dermaroller...the treatment really seems to appeal to my patients... More
Dr D de Bacq Rose MBChB (Hons) MRCP(UK) MRCP(London) - Dr Rose
Dr Rose
Dermaroller has been used successfully to treat fine lines and wrinkles... More
Dr David Eccleston, Clinical Director Medizen Ltd
Dr David Eccleston
Four weeks on (after Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™), people keep telling me that my skin is looking great... More
Alice Hart-Davis, award-winning beauty journalist
Dr Sanjay Gheyi
...each little hole induces the release of collagen stimulating growth factors that replace ageing collagen... More
Dr Elisabeth Dancy, Bijoux MediSpa, Ebury Street, London
Dr Elizabeth Dancey
I've seen an improvement in the scarring, and everyone is telling me my skin looks so much brighter... More
C.P. Northampton - Treated by Dr John Tanqueray, Mulberry House Clinic, Northampton
I have to say it's quite a revolutionary addition to our non-surgical approach to skin care... More
Kathryn Carson - Medical Aesthetic Practitioner, Ageless Clinic, London
Kathryn Carson
Genuine Dermaroller™ will be a treatment that I can confidently recommend to my patients... More
Professor Harryono Judodihardjo, Cellite Clinic, Cardiff.
We have had superb results with Dermaroller™ and our clients are very pleased... More
Dianne Leese, Clinician, Harrogate Cosmetic Clinic
Diane Leese
Used on its own or as part of combination treatments, the Dermaroller™ offers significant improvement in skin texture and scars... More
Kate Bancroft - Face the Future Advanced Skin Clinic, Wakefield
Genuine Dermaroller™ will be a treatment I can confidently recommend to my patients... More
Dr Patrick J. Treacy, Ailesbury Clinics
Dr Patrick J. Treacy
I'm getting good results with Dermaroller™ and my patients are happy! ... More
Dr Paul Cronin, Cosmetic Physician, Eternal Youth, Alderly Edge
Dr Paul Cronin
My skin is tighter and plumper ... my pores are smaller as well. My skin looks lifted and therefore younger... More
Claire, Journalist, London. Treated by Kathryn Carson, Ageless Clinic, London
The bags under my eyes have definitely seen a remarkable improvement ... the lines around my mouth have improved... More
S C, Twickenham - Treated by Kathryn Carson, Ageless Clinic, London
I have been blown away by the results - my wrinkles are reduced dramatically & my skin has a youthful glow... More
Dr Ros Debenham,
Dr Ros Debenham
I had the Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ procedure performed on myself; very impressed with the lack of any down time at all and no peeling, marvellous! ... More
Dr Kim Lloyd, Crendon Skin Clinic
My brighter and tighter and lifted overall with a more youthful hue. The pores are smaller and the texture is smoother... More
C C, London - Treated by Kathryn Carson, Ageless Clinic, Hampton Hill, London
I have mostly used Dermaroller™ for acne scarring and the results are good ... as good if not better than many laser treatments and with less downtime... More
Dr Martin Fotherby, Consultant Physician
I am really pleased with the results... I can see a definite reduction in lines and wrinkles ... my old acne scars are much improved... More
Dawn Ramsden - a patient of Dr Sanjay Gheyi, Coltishall Cosmetic Clinic
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