Face the Future - Diary of Dermaroller Treatment for Stretch Marks

Face the Future Clinic in Leeds has been successfully using Genuine Dermaroller in their clinic and invited one of their patients, Gemma Marsden, to write a blog about her experience. Below is the full re-production of an article that originally appeared on

Diary of Dermaroller Treatment for Stretch Marks 

Stretching and causing trauma to the skin cause stretch marks. This means that we lose collagen and elastin leaving the red / purple marks and indentations in the skin. Generally over time the red / purple marks fades and we are generally left with the damaged skin.

Genuine Dermaroller is a roller with small needles covering it. During treatment it is rolled over the skin. This process gently traumatises the skin and encourages the fibroblast cells to produce new collagen and elastin to repair the skin damage. The skin regenerates itself every 6 weeks therefore this is about the time you would notice the best improvement after a Dermaroller treatment. The amount of sessions needed would depend on severity of the stretch marks. Most clients notice a good improvement after one session.

To tell you more about an experience with the Dermaroller for stretch marks, one of our clients has kindly put together a diary on the treatment, take a read below:

Most people have heard of Dermaroller for issues with the facial area but for me the part of my body that bothered me the most was stretch marks. I’m 21 years old and never had children but the stretch marks appeared on my breasts at around 16.

I never thought they could be removed but after visiting Face the Future and having a free consultation with the nurse I was informed that the most effective treatment would be Genuine Dermaroller. I had heard of Dermaroller before for the treatment of wrinkles on the face or for acne scarring, and was enthusiastic (and slightly apprehensive) that this could be the treatment for me.

Day 1 (Treatment Day):
On the day of treatment I arrived at the clinic and firstly had a topical anaesthetic applied to the area. This was left on my skin for around half hour to ensure maximum benefits. The depth of the needle on the roller also depends on the severity of the stretch marks and also your preference. The depths of the needles come in 1.5mm and 2.5mm.

As it was my first treatment I had the 1.5mm, as I was slightly nervous, however for my second treatment I’m going all the way with the 2.5mm Dermaroller. After the numbing crème had taken its effect the nurse came back into the room to carry out the treatment. She rolled the roller over the specific areas I wanted treating concentrating more on the deeper stretch marks. It was uncomfortable but bearable. The whole treatment lasted around 20 minutes and I was fine to drive home afterwards.

Day 2:
The day after treatment the area was quite red and inflamed but only felt like slight sunburn. The nurse in the clinic gave me some crème to use on it to calm down the area and also stop any infection. Whilst in clinic I purchased the home use Dermaroller Beauty Mouse, which is a home care Dermaroller and used this with a product called Essentia A by Environ. The aim of the beauty mouse is to roll over the skin to make small puncture marks invisible to the eye. This means that the application of vitamin A will penetrate the skin more enabling it to encourage the skins repair system to work.

Day 3:
The treated area is very slightly red but almost back to normal.

After 6 weeks I returned to the Clinic for a review and to look at my before pictures. I could see a significant difference from the before picture and cannot wait to have further treatment.

If anyone out there has stretch marks and is looking for a solution, I would highly recommend contacting Face the Future.”

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Posted by: Lisa Hayhurst

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